Your band’s been around for 20 years, how have you changed?
We grow old, I guess. We mature, times change and life changes – we all find girlfriends, have kids and babies, but we always have a blast with whatever we do.  

Tell us a bit about the new album, Magic?
It’s fun. We’re having a blast! It’s a great record – we’re trying to write hits on the album. I’m super excited because it’s good to just play some fresh new stuff.

And you guys are touring parts of Australia soon, yeah?
Yeah, we’ll be there on Monday for the first time ever! We’ve cancelled three or four tours there – not to kill the buzz – but we’ve had personal things come up and stuff happens but I’m so excited to get there.

Is it true you guys have released a Recipes from the Road cookbook?
Yes, that’s true! Well, over the past 20 years of touring the country and touring the world – I love cooking and some of my friends are chefs – so I said, ‘Why not?’ I wanted a book. It’s not just a cookbook; it’s a coffee table storybook!

How do you choose which songs to cover?
It just kind of comes to us, you know. I don’t really look for songs to cover. All of our covers kind of just fell into our lap and somebody else outside has brought it into us so we’ve been really fortunate to land the ones we did.

Catch the band in Melbourne (March 13), Bateau Bay (March 14) and Rooty Hill (March 15). Their new album, Magic is out now.