It began when Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls made a gesture with his right palm facing down, which he often uses in parliament to suggest that the economy is “flat-lining”.

Balls continued to repeat the hand movement around once a minute.

Then riled Tory backbenchers started waving their arms at the Labour Shadow Chancellor.

Cameron was shouting to be heard from the despatch box, while Eagle was sitting on the other side of the box.

Eagle then proceeded to waggle her finger at Cameron, before encouraging Nottingham East MP Chris Leslie to join in.He declined.

The Mersey MP, who was recently made Shadow Leader of the House, has been under fire from Conservative MPs, who recognised her gesture as derogatory to the size of Cameron’s manhood.

Anne Main, a Tory backbencher, said: “That’s very much what it looked like. We’re trying to work out what you call that gesture. ‘Giving it the Wiener’ seems to be the consensus.”

But this isn’t the first time Eagle and Cameron have had conflict in the commons.

Eagle responded harshly when Cameron told her to “calm down, dear” during Prime Minister’s Questions a few months ago, dubbing him as a misogynist.

Eagle has insisted the gesture wasn’t made in reference to the size of Cameron’s wiener, but to GDP growth.

She said: “I was commenting on the size of GDP growth. Why would I care about anything but the size of GDP figures?”

It was announced this week that output grew by 0.5 per cent in the third quarter of 2011, but the economy had been stagnant for the three quarters prior to that.