Russell Mark and wife Lauryn claim that they know of competing gay couples who can share a room and that they are being discriminated against for being heterosexual.

The Australian shooting couple has caused a lot of controversy lately, which they believe is to blame for the AOC’s decision.

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Lauryn posed for a Zoo magazine cover, set to be published today, holding a shotgun and wearing only a skimpy green and gold bikini. She said she did it to promote the sport and all proceeds were going to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Russell, in turn, has caused a stir by being very vocal about his desire for sleeping pills, banned for Australian athletes, claiming they help him perform better.

The couple says they have been allowed to stay together previously at major championships worldwide and that the AOC is punishing them for their recent actions.

The AOC said in their email to the couple that in order for them to room together, they must stay in a hotel room and not in Olympic Park.

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