Cheryl Cole is said to be a follower of the blood group diet in which you choose food according to your blood type.

But the X Factor Judge’s choice of eating plan has earned her the queen of the “dodgy diet” title after it was derided by dieticians.

“This diet could lead to significant deficiencies such as calcium,” said the British Dietetic Association.

The eating plan, which was slated by the association along with the Hollywood favourite, maple syrup diet, stipulates which foods dieters should eat and which ones they should avoid, depending on their blood type.

For example, those with blood group O should have high meat intake and no dairy, wheat or grains.

The maple syrup diet, said to be favoured by model Naomi Campbell and singer, Beyonce, involves the consumption of fewer than 600 calories by mixing maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper.

The association said the “dangerous and boring” regime has “no nutritional value”.

It also panned the cabbage soup diet, favoured by Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, the baby food diet, which actress Jennifer Aniston is said to follow, and the protein-only regime, the Dukan diet.