Entry for the eleventh annual Take a view Landscape Photographer of the Year Award is now open and entrants have until 8th July to submit their photographs of the British landscape. The Landscape Photographer of the Year is one of the world’s most exciting photography awards, founded by renowned landscape photographer, Charlie Waite. The competition is open to everyone, with a special class for those younger than 17, and each entrant can submit 25 photographs across four categories. There is a prize fund worth £20,000, including £10,000 for the overall winner and additional special awards.


Matthew Cattell, Starling Vortex, Brighton, East Sussex, Overall Winner (Adult)

Last year’s winner was Matthew Cattell, who captured thousands of starlings on a windy winter’s day at Brighton pier using a low shutter speed. He especially liked how “the motion of the incoming tide mimicked the movement of the birds.”

The Landscape Photographer of the Year is unique in that it celebrates the UK only, offering photographers worldwide an opportunity to showcase their images of Britain. From stark moorland to angular cityscapes, and from rocky coastlines to  lush woodland, Britain’s remarkable landscape and volatile weather provides generous material to fire the imagination.

There is both an Adult and Junior title for the award and entries are split into four categories:

Classic View is the category for landscape photography in its purist form: sweeping images that capture the beauty and variety of the UK in one image.

Living The View is the category for images of people interacting with the outdoors – working or playing in the landscape.

Your View allows participants to express with an image what the UK landscape means to them. It is a way to comment on the way we treat our landscapes and a chance to provide a new way of looking at our environment.

Urban View is the category that especially highlights the surroundings that many of us live in every day: towns and cities. With more than 80% of the UK population living in built up areas, many of the landscapes that we interact with are inevitably of an urban nature.

All entries to the awards must be uploaded via the competition website, www.take-a-view.co.uk and the closing date is 8th July 2017. Entry fees apply. Full terms and conditions can be found on the site.