Gordon Brown has resigned and David Cameron is the new Prime Minister of Britain as the Conservatives form a historic coalition with the Lib Dems.

Last night’s events began when Gordon Brown stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street and announced his resignation. An hour later, Cameron walked up the same steps and into his new pad with his wife, Samantha, after accepting the Queen’s invitation to form a new government.

Aussie Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, urged David Cameron to take a chill pill, telling him to have a “moment of quiet time to enjoy it all because in about an hour’s time it all starts.”

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown’s parting gift from the Queen may have made him feel slightly nauseous. It’s a long-standing Brit tradition for the outgoing PM to receive a couple of signed photos from Her Majesty. Problem is, the picture-frames come from Samantha Cameron’s stationary shop. Ouch.

It’s the first time the Conservatives have been in power for 13 years and the first coalition government since 1945.

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