It’s the home for Italian cuisine, the guardian for antique landmarks, the carrier of the free and merry spirit of Southern Europe. You can easily reach Rome from both airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino. Here, we have prepared a detailed guide on the route from Fiumicino to Rome for those who haven’t decided on their transport yet and want to compare prices and times.

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Transport at Fiumicino Airport

Rome and Fiumicino have 30km between them, and have a vast range of public transport running between the airport and the city: trains, speeding trains, buses and taxis (also group / individual transfers bookable in advance). You can get to the centre of Rome in one hour for €14 if you go by express train Leonardo Express, without any changes and extra stops. Regional train Treno Regionale takes a bit longer – 1h 30m but is cheaper at €8. Commercial buses (group shuttles) will bring tourists from Fiumicino to Rome in two hours (including the waiting time). The ticket will cost you €4.50. Taxis at the airport run on a meter so the price will depend on the time of day, day of the week and the chosen route (tolls or free roads). Kiwitaxi transfers will take you to Rome in 30 minutes for a fixed price of  €49 for up to 3 passengers and 2 bags.

Tips for choosing your transport from Fiumicino to Rome

It is easy for experienced travellers to use regional trains and buses; they know the route well and won’t miss the stop or a chance to ask local people for any direction. Buses and Treno have a great advantage – the low price – yet they take longer to get to Rome compared with other types of transport. Bear in mind your waiting time also – sometimes buses go just once in three hours.

The fastest transport option is the express train Leonardo. It leaves every 30 minutes so is very convenient. If you don’t want to be driven just to the train station but want to get right to your hotel or tourist destination, you can take a taxi from the airport or book a transfer online. This is the only option at night and is ideal for families with children and groups of more than 7 people.

In short, your options are:

Express train Fiumicino to Rome

  • Leonardo Express
  • 30 mins travelling time
  • Possible 30 mins waiting time
  • Price: €14 (children under 12 can go free, but no more than 1 child per 1 adult with the ticket)
  • Comfort level: High

Train Fiumicino to Rome

  • Treno Regionale
  • 50 mins travelling time
  • Possible 30 mins waiting time
  • Price: €8+
  • Comfort level: Low

Bus Fiumicino to Rome

  • Cotral, Terravision, SitBusShuttle, T.A.M. Srl, Atral-Schiaffini
  • 50-70 mins travelling time
  • Possible 1-3 hours waiting time
  • Price: €4.50- €5.50
  • Comfort level: Low

Taxi Fiumicino to Rome

  • Transfer taxi/Airport taxi
  • 30 mins travelling time
  • No waiting time (transfer taxi)/5-10 mins (airport taxi)
  • Comfort level: High


Must see in Rome:

  • The Vatican
  • The Colosseum
  • Piazza di Spagna
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon
  • Roman Forum
  • St Peter’s Basilica