Research from reveals that one third of men get a beauty treatment more than once a month while one in ten reckon their smooth operator status is improved by an underarm wax. They also like to be “tidied up downstairs,” an expert says.

Taking David Beckham as their male beauty inspiration, men are now indulging in beauty treatments more frequently than women.

A third of blokes polled describe themselves as vain with stats from the survey results showing that the most popular treatments requested by men include hot shaves (41%), relaxing massages (33%), facials (16%), sunbeds (15%) and in fifth place, pedicures (13%).

When asked, men admitted they were prepared to spend an average of £132 per beauty treatment whereas women are only willing to part with a tight-fisted £94, a difference of almost £40 on per treatment.

When asked who the ultimate pin-up is, David Beckham topped the poll as having the most desirable look, lusted after by both men and women. George Clooney and Brad Pitt came in at second and third place respectively – way ahead of any of the MIC cast or the One Direction men.

It’s beauty before brains for some lads – the 14% who said they would spontaneously get beauty treatments ahead of a job interview to give them a last minute polish while one in ten book a beauty treatment to make sure they give the best impression possible on a first date.  

It’s Brummies who love a blow dry most, as Birmingham topped the poll for men investing most on beauty treatments, spending £326 – a whopping £155 more than the national male average of £171. 

Andy Penniceard, owner and founder of spa and male treatments emporium Privet Body, says the research highlights what he’s been witnessing in the salon.

“There’s definitely evidence to suggest that men are using beauty treatments as a way to spoil themselves,” he says. “The majority of men coming for hair removal might be under 35, but you’d be surprised how many older chaps come in to be tidied up downstairs. Some of them just like the clean feel of a hairless body, some like the look, and a lot of them might be doing it because their partner prefers it!”