We Brits have high hopes for the future of travel, according to the results of a new study. The survey by online travel agency www.sunshine.co.uk  aimed to uncover Britons’ predictions for the future of travel, in terms of what they believed would be possible for the everyday tourist in the coming years and beyond. 

1,784 people aged 18 and over from around the UK took part in the study and answered questions relating to predictions about the future of travel and holidays; amidst advancing technology and space travel.

7% of the respondents taking part believed that time travel ‘would be possible within 100 years’ while 16% thought that travel time from London to New York could be shortened to just ‘1 hour’ by the year 2045. 5% thought that airships for passenger transport, like the Goodyear blimp, would make a comeback by the year 2050.

All respondents were asked how they thought their own travel plans and preferences would differ in the future, in comparison to their past experiences and decisions. 32% of all the respondents taking part predicted that they would ‘venture further from home’ for their holidays in the years to come, while almost two thirds, 65%, thought that they would ‘spend more money’ on their breaks.

36% of the respondents taking part in the poll were of the belief that schools would relax their policies on term-time holidays for children in the future. Furthermore, 15% thought that child-free flights (on which young children and babies were not allowed) would be commonplace by the year 2030. Finally, 66% of all the respondents believed that there would be no high street travel agents left within ten years, with all bookings moving to be purely online.