Two men have been convicted of the murders of a British honeymoon couple who were shot dead in Antigua.

Kaniel Martin, 23 and Avie Howell, 20, were found guilty of murdering the couple in 2008 in their hotel chalet.

The couple, who had only been married for two weeks, were shot in the back fo the head in their chalet at the five-star Cocos Hotel.

Doctor Catherine Mullany died instantly.

Student physiotherapist Ben Mullany was flown back to his home in South Wales in a bid to save his life, but his life support machine was switched off a week after he was shot.

Howell and Martin murdered 43-year-old shopkeeper Woneta Anderson just two weeks after killing the newlyweds.

The families of the couple, Ben and Catherine Mullany have said they are relieved at the verdict.

In a statement, the families said: "There is no joy at today's verdict, just a sense of relief that after three years of waiting there is justice for our children. We will never be able to comprehend the senseless nature of their deaths, the total disregard shown for human life and that no remorse has ever been shown."