Repair crews have been working around the clock to restore cooling systems at Japan’s nuclear plant in Fukushima, damaged by the recent earthquake.
It is hoped that power will be restored to all reactors within the next few days after electrical power cables were been laid to all six reactors.

But it is still uncertain of how much damage has been done to the pumps used to keep the reactor’s nuclear fuel rods from overheating.

White smoke is still rising from the buildings, but officials say it is steam and no increase in radiation levels has been detected.

The disaster damaged the plant’s power and emergency cooling systems, causing radiation to leak.

Fire crews are still spraying water onto one of the reactor buildings which saw its roof blown off by an earlier explosion.

Japan: Fukushima nuclear plant accident level rise

Concerns over the radiation fallout are growing as on Monday, officials detected higher than normal radiation levels in seawater around the power complex.

Residents in one village near the plant were instructed not to drink tap water.

Meanwhile, the death toll has now risen with almost 10,000 people confirmed dead and more than 13,000 missing as a result of the double earthquake and tsunami tragedy. Bodies are still being found every day.

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