The name’s Scanlan, James Scanlan. A suave secret (travel) agent, with the specialist skills needed to take you to the four corners of Europe for an average of just £50 a day. How? For Your Eyes Only, my new ebook Europe in a Day – Day Trips to the Continent, can show you how to visit more countries than the average Bond movie for just a fraction of the price!

Before I wrote this book, I couldn’t have felt further from Bond. I’d been made redundant, was essentially skint and lacked any real sense of direction in life. At times like this, we all feel like running away and losing ourselves in some exotic foreign land. But when you barely have enough money to get around the city you live in, jetting off on some luxury holiday is out of the question. So to recap: you’re young, jobless, want to get away and see the world, but have less than £50 to do it all with. What’s a guy to do? Simple – go to Norway! 

While looking around online one day, I found a certain budget airline offering £20 return flights to Norway. While that was amazing in itself, the flights were both on the same day – leaving early in the morning and returning home that night. At last! A trip I could actually afford! With everything going on, this felt like a unique opportunity – a way to take control and live a little. Besides, people go to France and Belgium for the day, so why not go a bit further? For that price, I certainly wasn’t going anywhere else!

It didn’t stop with Norway. Within a few months another day trip followed, this time to Ireland. Then another. And another. I couldn’t believe it. Not only had I found a really enjoyable way to travel, but one that was also a lot more affordable than the standard approach too! These trips cost an average of £50 each and so far have added up to just under two weeks’ worth of travelling – both costing less than most holidays would and seeing a lot more in the process!

So, how about you? Want to get away from it all? Want to have a real adventure? Europe in Day – Day Trips to the Continent knows how! A travel guide packed with tips, trivia and even phrasebooks, it has everything you’ll need to become a day trip agent yourself! 

Most people will try to tell you that travelling abroad for a day is too much hassle and that you won’t have time to see or do anything worthwhile. NOT TRUE!! I’ve visited 15 countries on day trips and certainly won’t be stopping there. Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the things you could be doing with your day in Europe:

* You don’t need Gold Fingers to enjoy Scandinavian chic. Sandefjord’s old town Bjerggatta is the postcard-perfect image of traditional Norwegian charm, while its fjord-side parks are a wonderful place to stroll or relax. 

* For that true feeling of communist espionage, wander amongst Bucharest’s socialist-era monoliths. While it’s not quite From Russia With Love, you can’t fail to be astounded by the gargantuan Palace of the Parliament – so massive that it takes 45 minutes to walk around the outside of it!

* Monaco’s infamous High Life can still be enjoyed without breaking Casino Royale. Though the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino charges entrance fees to the gaming salons, admiring the ever-present line of expensive cars outside it doesn’t cost a penny! 

* We all know Diamonds are Forever, so why not marvel at them in Amsterdam’s own Diamond Museum? The Dutch capital has one of the highest concentrations of museums of any city in the world, meaning you’ll definitely find something to keep you interested.  

As Sam Smith already knows, The Writing’s On The Wall… your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to head off on your own day trips! Upload your own photos from around the continent to the Europe in a Day’s official Facebook page and connect with other day trippers. Can you take up your own 00 travel status? Do you have what it takes to travel across Europe for £50 or less a day? How far you can get in just one day? 

The future fate of your bank account may depend on it! 


Europe in a Day – Day Trips to the Continent by James Scanlan is available on Amazon for Kindle and also smartphones, tablets and computers with the free Kindle Reading App.