ANC splinter group leaders who recently served the ruling party with “divorce papers” are now guilty of bigamy, ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at a rally in Soweto, Zuma said the splinter group, led by former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa and former defence minister Terror Lekota, should have waited for the conclusion of their dispute with the ANC before announcing the formation of a new party.

“Even before the divorce has concluded they have now announced that they will be getting married to the Democratic Alliance and other opposition parties to form a coalition,” he said.

Zuma was referring to Saturday’s national convention organised by the ANC dissidents, where opposition party leaders, including DA leader Helen Zille, were given a platform.

Zuma, who delivered the better part of his speech in Zulu, said it was strange that the splinter group gave the impression that they shared the same views with the DA on the Freedom Charter, when Zille had made it clear that she did not believe in this document.