If you thought it would be impossible to capture a hippy vibe in seething, polluted London and pick up a decent mung bean burger and carrot smoothie, you’d be wrong.

In the heart of Covent Garden lies Neal’s Yard – a small courtyard of shops and cafés that provides an oasis of hippydom a world away from the nearby hustle and bustle.

It’s only a small place – it ain’t Byron Bay – but there are colourful shopfronts, all sorts of alternative remedies and you might see the world’s oldest, most drug-mashed hippy in a minging poncho.

You can also visit the original Neal’s Yard Remedies store, get a walk-in back rub, buy some beads, visit Hair By Fairy, check out the veggie/vegan salad bar, and head upstairs to the awesome World Food Café. DANIEL LANDON

» Neal’s Yard, off Monmouth St, WC2H 9DP Covent Garden (sevendials.co.uk).

Verdict: hippy hippy shake