Yes, America’s favourite pastime is apparently not just happy entertaining the fans when they’re watching the game itself, now they’re aiming to make going to the bathroom fun too.

Philadelphia Phillies’ top minor league team the Lehigh Valley IronPigs are set to become the first sporting team anywhere in the world to install a type of gaming console in all of its home ground urinal facilities.

The system when in place at the Coca-Cola ballpark in Allentown will feature a video display above the urinal. When a fan approaches and unlimbers himself the console will sense his presence and turn itself on into gaming mode. The gentleman then aims his stream either left or right to control the play on the screen.

Quite what the game will actually involve has yet to be announced but it’s certainly a novel idea and one I am frankly all for. It will surely be more fun than the kind of awkward, urinal discourse with random drunk people that is the norm in bars and stadiums around the globe.

Plus it’ll give roving eyeballs something to focus on that isn’t another man’s penis.

The IronPigs general manager Kurt Landes told the Miami Herald that the games are set to make a “huge splash.”

Very droll.

Still this might well backfire on the MLB , because let’s face it, baseball is possibly the most boring sport ever. Racking up huge points scores while relieving oneself sounds about a 1000 times more fun than watching men in silly outfits with big leather gloves run around after a tiny ball in a manicured grass diamond.  

Hopefully this idea catches on everywhere and we can enter into a ‘golden’ age of leisure urinal activities and entertainment.

Image: Getty