Getting There

Riga International Airport is well serviced by many international carriers from within Europe.

To get from there airport into Riga there are two bus services. The first is the Airport Express which leaves every 30 minutes and stops at five different hotels dotted around the centre of town and costs 3Lats. The second is Bus No. 22 which leaves every twenty minutes for the Riga city centre and costs .40Lats.

The airport is not far from town so if you catch a cab you shouldn’t pay much more than 10Lats.

Getting Around

The fact is, Riga is a pretty small city so you shouldn’t have much need for public transport because it’s an easy city to walk around. But if you jump on a bus or a tram you can buy a ticket from the driver for .50Lats.

In the depths of winter it might be tempting to jump in a cab. If you do, order one by phone or go to a rank at a major hotel. Taxis in Riga have a poor reputation for ripping off tourists – particularly drunk ones. Insist on the metre being turned on and if you’re staying in town you shouldn’t pay more than 4Lats. Also be mindful of what change you get back from the driver. Reports of people being given next-to-worthless change from Estonia or even the United Arab Emirates isn’t unheard of.