How do you like the sound of meeting people, earning good money, having a good time and a good work/life balance? Good? Well then maybe you should consider a job in sales.

Jo Burston from Job Capital says employers are seeking people with great personalities who are determined to succeed and while experience is favoured, it’s not essential.

“Having sales experience is always favoured in this market but really it’s all about the right personality. Experience is only half of what employers look for in a potential employee. Mostly they look for someone with an outgoing, personable, and positive personality,” Jo says.

Okay so you’ve checked all of those boxes, what hours can you expect to work?

It’s all about the ‘f’ word. “Keep in mind that you will need to be flexible with your time, in some roles the hours might not be the same every week,” says Jo.

But overtime may not always mean slogging away in an office picking up the phone over and over.”Within the right company, there are opportunities to travel around Australia,” Jo says.

Stuart Rawling is a sales team leader for a sales and marketing company in Oz and was lucky enough to score a trip with work, and rates travelling as one of the best things about his job.

“I was selected for an all-expenses paid roadtrip to Adelaide after just two weeks with the company,” he says.

And meeting people is a plus too, says the Briton:”I’ve got heaps of new friends from not only Australia, but from all over the world. I get to travel and earn money at the same time (so far I’ve seen Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney through work). The work is usually in a very social and casual environment, and there are plenty of chances to get a good feel of Australian culture.”

This is all sounding too good to be true, surely it all can’t be good?
“The rates of pay are normally around the $20 – $25 per hour mark, most companies offer a commission on top of that hourly rate as well,” Jo says. Stuart says his pay is “fantastic and loves the uncapped earning potential.” Okay, well that’s definitely better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

So finally, what about sponsorship?

Jo says: “For the right candidate who is the right fit for the company and who has long term objectives to stay in Australia, then sponsorship could be an option for them.”

Well we’re convinced!