It’s almost absurd to consider a new form of Thai Agricultural Revolution. Thailand, after all, is one of the major players in world agriculture, exporting over 5 billion dollars worth of rice in 2018 alone.

But to relent on one’s achievement is almost always the beginning of a strong decline. There is always the need to keep improving, to keep up with technological advances and strengthen previous strengths. This, in short, is one of the most common characteristics of every great country. And this is what Suparatana Bencharongkul recognizes.

Known popularly as Nina, Suparatana Bencharongkul is a well-known agriculturalist from Thailand whose efforts towards recognizing and pioneering further technological advances in Thailand’s Agriculture sphere has earned her recognition from all over the world.

Born to the family Boonchai Bencharongkul, the Thai billionaire tycoon, the love of Agriculture has always been in her family. And of course, it is no surprise that once she came of age all her efforts were directed towards providing a major boost to Thailand’s Agriculture by focusing more on technology and smart farming.

Farming and Technology

Suparatana recognized that by combining farming and technology, the possibilities of improving not only the duration but also the quality-of-life, increase significantly.

By tapping into the numerous advantages offered by recent technological progressions, industries are able to not only get more things done at a faster and easier pace but also minimize waste and increase efficiency.

And the Agricultural Industry is no different. 

Platforms and Structures

Being the general manager of the Rakbankerd group, Nina found herself in a unique position to incorporate these fascinating ideas into the large scale functioning of Thai Agriculture. And she seems to be doing that on a grand scale.

By employing smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced aviation systems, farmers in Thailand are able to grow the industry and take productivity further than has ever been done. 

The continuous survival of the human race has always relied greatly on how effective we can work with the resources available to us. These technological incorporations ensure that the yield per acre ratio of each farmland is greatly improved. 

Suparatana is also the pioneer of Info Application, a platform created specifically to make lives easier for farmers in Thailand via adequate updates on recent trends and updates. She is also the founder of the Subuyamarket, Alivio, Rakbankerd Products, Fulfilled Initiatives among others.

Lover of the Earth 

As an avid lover of the earth, it is no surprise that Nina would choose to follow such a path. Inheriting the passion for loving the earth, and absorbing from its blessings (rather than from other superficial and unsustainable means) right from a young age, it is only natural that she chose to focus all her energy, as she does, on making sure that this is done in the right, and most efficient, way possible.

The love for Thailand is also apparent in all she does. The love for the hometown, she says, has always been her guide – to benefit and inspire young farmers

Young farmers who, by the way, happen to have grown up in an era dominated by shiny technological gadgets. To do this will no doubt involve an equal advancement in Agricultural Technology. And making this a reality, one can say, is Suparatana’s sole mission.