One of the three teenage girls shot in London last night was holding her baby when she was hit, police have confirmed.

Jessica Chrichlow, 18, had her 11-month-old son in her arms when she was caught in the crossfire of a suspected botched gangland attack.

She collapsed to the ground alongside the two other teenagers, aged 17 and 19.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Foote said: "It was a random, reckless act and we are fortunate we are not dealing with a fatal shooting here."

Three teenage girls shot in Kensington

Man dies after London riots shooting

Police said the baby may have been missed by just inches when his mother was shot.

Detectives are believed to be hunting for several young men seen riding bicycles around the Mozart housing estate in west London.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, has claimed the victims were outside enjoying the sunshine when the attacker got off a bike and screamed at them.

Jessica's mother told reporters that her daughter is awaiting surgery on her face, neck and chest.

It is believed that the gunman injured all three girls with one shot from a shotgun, and that he may have been attempting to hit someone in a large crowd of boys nearby.

The estate has apparently been plagued by 'postcode wars' and antisocial behaviour in recent times.