Film director Tim Burton wants Twitter users to help him build a story for a new film project.

The visionary behind the Batman and Edward Scissor hands movies wants fans to post a line on the micro-blogging site to help him build a story for his Stainboy character.

The watercolour superhero was first used in a series of Flash animations in 2000 and Burton has kicked off his next tale with the tweet” “Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate a mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor”.

Anyone who uses the hashtag #BurtonStory can contribute and the best tweets of the day will be added to the storyline.

Burton, 52, explains on the BurtonStory website that the experiment is called Cadavre Exquis – or Exquisite Corpse – a technique used to collectively tell a tale.

Entries so far include: “Untying his cape, he tried one desperate attempt and blew into the goo-ed fabric to make himself a balloon to stand on”.

The deadline is December 6 and the project coincides with Burton’s artwork exhibition in Toronto.