Many young men have died in Australia in recent years as a result of alcohol-fuelled violence, and a new law has been created to ensure a fatal one-punch offence (often known as a ‘coward punch’) will carry a minimum eight-year sentence if committed when the perpetrator is drunk or on drugs.

Sydney’s bars and clubs will also have limited opening times; many will see 1.30am lock-ins and last drinks will be called at 3am.

The move to clamp down on drunken aggression won’t stop there – mandatory minimum and longer maximum sentences for drunken violence is also being considered, and police may be allowed to test suspected offenders for drugs or alcohol in their system.

Speaking to Sky News, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell made it clear that he was determined to see an end to Australia’s issue with drink-fuelled violence.

“The new measures are tough, and I make no apologies for that,” he said. “The fact is, it’s not acceptable for people to go out, get intoxicated, start a fight, throw a punch – and think they’ll get away with it.”

Image credit: 7News/YouTube