Web monitoring company Experian Hitwise has revealed that Twitter saw its largest peak of visitors in the UK on May 9, with users enticed by the rumour that one Twitter account was  revealing the details of ‘super-injunctions’ taken out by high-profile celebs, including several TV actors and a Premier League footballer.

Twitter traffic increased 14% on the previous day, boosting Twitter’s status to being the 17th most visited site in the country.

Hitwise also revealed that web searches for the term ‘super injunction’ skyrocketed 5000% on the previous month.

And the Twitter account behind the claims now has more than 100,000 followers, only three days after it was first set up.

The account is unlikely to post any further allegations in the forseeable future, however. All the supposed ‘insider information’ on it appears to have been cribbed directly from a Google Groups discussion about the identities of stars with super-injunctions that was started the day before – including claims which are not actually true.

Jemima Khan  (above) was forced to hit out on Twitter against the false claim that she was the subject of a gagging order preventing publication of ‘intimate’ photos with Jeremy Clarkson.