Will Williams launches London’s first ​conscious cabaret, a series of evenings which feature​ live breakthrough artists, thought provoking short films and cutting edge speakers, a​ll washed down with a group meditation and delicious food for those that crave a holistic ​night out​ that ​leaves you feeling uplifted​ and inspired.

Th​is series of events marks a movement towards a freer and cleaner lifestyle​, offering a​n​ upbeat alternative for those ​who wish to enjoy a month’s worth of cultural entertainment packed into one evening​.

Will Williams, founder of Will Williams Meditation, is committed to spreading and passing on the ancient knowledge of meditation in a way that is practical, enjoyable and relevant to people of all walks of life. Having previously worked in the music industry​,​ Will is keen to combine his two great loves, music and meditation. The Gathering is the product of this vision, helping people to access ​music, ​meditation, ​film and more​,​ all in the same setting. Expect a high energy,​ culturally​ inspirational and enjoyable experience minus the hang over! ​

Guest speakers at the first event on Thursday 8 September include bestselling authors and stars of Channel 4’s Eating Well with Hemsley  + Hemsley, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley.

Acclaimed UK singer songwriter Lucy Rose – whose recent album Work It Out – reached the top 10 UK album charts last year – will be joining the sisters at the 8 September event which is taking place at at Cecil Sharpe House, Camden from 6.30pm – 11pm.

For more information and tickets, head to: https://www.willwilliamsmeditation.co.uk/thegathering/