Hey Matt. How you going? Yeah not too bad. How are you?

Probably a lot warmer than you at the moment. Are you still in the UK? Yeah, yeah we’ve got some serious snow going on here. I’m in north-west London and we’re quite near Heathrow at the moment and it’s been closed a lot lately. The later long-distance flights they’re trying to prioritise so fingers crossed! When do you arrive in Oz? I’m supposed to get there on the morning of Christmas Eve!

Are you bringing any family with you? Yeah, um, I’m bringing my mum and my aunty in my suitcase. Nar, nar I’m not. No, no, no. They’re all having Christmas at London in home. I haven’t missed Christmas with my folks in a while so they’re kind of alright about it. I’ve done Christmas in Oz a few times but it’s been a while so my mum’s kinda letting me off this time.

Are you a cricket fan at all? (clears throat) You know what, I’m actually not. It’s funny because whenever I come over and it’s The Ashes, it’s always like, “Oh what about the cricket!” And I’m just like, “I’m not really into cricket, I’m more of a football person really.”

What football team do you support? The Spurs. They’re a north London team. I go every now and then but yeah cricket, I dunno, are we winning?

Hmm you should definitely brush up on this before you come down here… We’re one all after three tests. Oh we’re one all! Okay that’s good information. So we’re one all. Right. One goal each apparently! (Spoken in a bad Aussie accent) “It’s not goals mate, it’s cricket.” Oh shit!

So you’ve been down here quite a bit. Have you got to travel much of it? Yeah I’ve done a lot of travelling over the years. I mean, the first time we toured Oz was like 13 years ago and we’ve come at least 13, 14 times since then. Especially in the early days we used to do a lot of travelling. We’ve been up to Airlie Beach and the Great Barrier Ree], chilled in Byron quite a lot. Noosa, the Gold Coast. Obviously all the cities and stuff. But we’re going to go to Byron and have a little six-seven day break in Byron. And when I go to Oz I like to come back via Asia. I love Asia for travelling. I’m hopefully playing in Cambodia for the first time and then doing a gig in Saigon as well. Crazy places are always quite fun.

This is obviously the 13th/14th time now, do you prepare any differently this time around? Ummm. Probably bring stronger sunscreen. The first few times under that Australian sun I got quite frazzled. Yeah so stronger sunscreen! I don’t really know! You pack your bags full of shorts and t-shirts and a bit of sunscreen and yeah.

And what about from a gig point of view? We feel now that http://www.tntdownunder.com/tours.html[Australia]’s kind of like a second home. The crowds are always great. We always look forward to Australia. The gigs are always fun and sometimes they’re in the sun. Everyone’s always up for partying. Nowadays we DJ with CDs, in the old days it was vinyls so it’s a lot easier to get around with books of CDs but we’ve got lots of old friends out there now so we tend to sort of meet up with them.

Okay I’m going to fire a quick round of questions at you and I want you to give me the first word that pops into your head… you with me? I’m just about awake. It’s pretty early.

Australia kangaroos

music loud

“Push Up” bra

We Rock Hard album

Aston Harvey curly

iTunes store (laughs) Oh God! Ummm.. grey

downloading music annoying

Christmas cold

Santa fat

I’m going to leave those there. Thank you for that. It was very errrm…insightful. (laughs) Was it good? It’s very early in the morning. I hope that’s okay.

Isn’t it like 9.30 in the morning there though? It’s not that early! Yeah but I’ve been sleeping really badly recently and I woke up at 4am. I think it’s because I know I’m about to tour so my sleeping decided to go tits up. Get in early, you know, have some sleepless nights you bugger before you get down there!

Catch Matt and Freestylers at Sunburnt Christmas festival on Christmas Day, Saturday December 25. Tickets and details at http://www.sunburntchristmas.com.au