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24, from the UK

What made you decide to work in Australia?
I have always wanted to travel and see Australia and thought the best way to really get to know the country and culture was to work and live here as well as travel.

What’s your job?

I do different waiting jobs, working at functions as well as restaurant and clubs.

And how did you land it?

I looked on the internet and found my agency. I arranged an interview with them and they had me out working the next day.

How’s the pay?

The pay is very reasonable and if you want to work lots of hours then you can earn a good wage each week. There’s always the option for overtime and lots of weekend work.

What’s great about the job?

I love the flexibility and variety of working for an agency, you get to go to lots of different places and meet and work with different people all the time.

And what’s not so great?

Sometimes working nights and weekends all the time gets to you, but you get used to it.

What was your job back home?

I used to work as a PA for a pharmaceutical company in London – very different to what I do now! I am however still looking for ‘inspiration’ as to what job I will return to.

Where have you travelled so far, and where to next?

I stopped over in Hong Kong for one week on my way here and have now completed a full loop of Australia, which was fantastic. Upon leaving Australia I intend to spend some time in New Zealand and visit Bali and Fiji before heading back to sunny London.

How long have you been in Australia?

I’ve been here for 14 months and have recently extended my stay for another year.

Any tips?

If you want flexibility and variety then an agency is definitely for you, it’s a great way to meet lots of people and really get to know a city too!