Donna Louise Macrae
24, from Scotland

What made you decide to teach in Australia?
Wanting to do a job relating to my qualifications while on my one year holiday over here.

How did you get your job?
I contacted the agency and signed up and the next day I started working.

What is your job?
I’m working casually as a group leader.

How’s it compare to home?
The children are similar but I need to get used to the different curriculum.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia?
One year at this stage, but looking at extending my visa to two years. If I can be sponsored by a centre I can work here for up to five years.

Where have you worked so far?
UK, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

How does the pay compare to your expectations?
I am getting double the pay that I would receive in the UK in a private centre.

Any highlights?
Working with children with special needs.

And the worst?
When working with children that go a little wild!

Why would you recommend your job to others?
Using an agency is really flexible, you meet loads of new people and the pay is good.