Hostels save on house-hunt hassle, but lack privacy. Mid-term accommodation offers good facilities, but cost more. Private landlords have cheaper beds, but are the facilities ship-shape? Gaaah! Here’s what three travellers had to say…


Stephen Pigeon, 20, from Canada

How long have you been living here?
Four and-a-half months now (yikes!).

How much do you pay?
It’s normally $28/night. But they offer a $3 discount per night for a weekly stay in a fourshare room.

What do you get for your cash?
Clean living facilities, great music, new kitchen, large rooms and it’s in the city centre.

What’s the best thing about living here?
Being so close to so many pubs.

What’s the worst thing about living here?
Being so close to so many pubs! I have been working for three months and haven’t saved a penny.

The cheapest form of accommodation available. No bond or hidden fees – just slap down your cash and the bunk’s yours.

No need to purchase any dishes, etc.

Huge social aspect: your dorm buddies and fellow hostel dwellers can be a great source of travel tips and friendships.

All the cleaning is done for you.

You’re not tied down. Leave whenever you want.

Prepare to share a room with three, five, or even seven others. There’s not a 
lot of privacy…

You always have to consider the safety of your goods. Lock up your valuables and don’t leave important contents of your bag sprawled around the room.

Shared showers and bathrooms. Need we say more?

October 21st, 2007