A boy playing chicken with a train was caught on camera as he narrowly misses being hit at Rochford Station in Essex.

The footage of a boy standing on the tracks in fromt of a train was filmed by a CCTV camera in the driver’s cab.

Network Rail launched their fifth Annual No Messin’ campaign yesterday, to coincide with the start of the school summer holidays.

The train company revealed that 49 people have died trespassing on tracks between April 2009 and March 2010.

Not surprisingly, children are behind almost 3,400 incidents of trespass and vandalism in the same period – 10 every single day.

Baby hit by train survives – caught on CCTV

It’s not only foolhardy teenagers who train drivers must content with however.

Within a year, 180 bikes, 76 shopping trolleys, 55 traffic cones, seven prams, five dustbins, three TVs, a bouncy castle and four trampolines were thrown onto train tracks.

Four trampolines? Eh?


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