In an extremely rare TV appearance Japan’s Emperor expressed worry and hope about the nuclear crisis facing his country in the wake of the massive 9.0 earthquake which triggered giant tsunamis.

The Emperor spoke after around 50 workers were forced to abandon the quake-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant when radiation levels reached levels high enough to cause radiation sickness.

 “I feel deep in my heart as I see the miserable condition in the affected area. I am deeply concerned about the nuclear situation because it is unpredictable. With the help of those involved, I hope things will not get worse.”

The technicians later returned to the plant to stabilise the plant but 140,000 people living within the 30-km exclusion zone around the nuclear plant were told not to leave their homes.

Meanwhile, Japan’s nuclear crisis has triggered panic buying of anti-radiation medicine among paranoid Americans.

According to the Washington Post scared residents have inundated health officials in western states such as California, Washington, and Oregon with questions about radiation.

“We opened a hotline and have fielded hundreds of calls from the worried public,” said Michael Sicilio of the California Department of Public Health potassium iodide, which prevent radiation poisoning the thyroid gland, are running low and those on the US West Coast.

Health officials said the chance of Americans being exposed to Japan’s radiation is extremely unlikely.

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