Bunol is an industrial town with limited accommodation and most backpackers base themselves in vibrant Valencia for La Tomatina. Don’t leave without spending a few days exploring this Mediterranean gem.

Playa de la Malvarossa

Valencia’s main sandy beach, with the balmy Med gently lapping the shore. The Playa de la Malvarossa is perfect for a dip!

Barrio del Carmen

The city’s chief nightlife district, packed with bars and clubs that come to life after 1am when the Spanish start heading out for the night.

City of Arts and Sciences

An architectural marvel, with giant shell-shaped buildings including Europe’s largest aquarium.

Plaza de Toros

Matadors still regularly grace Valencia’s bullfighting ring. An interesting free museum is attached to the ring.

Central Market

Giant squid, delectable legs of jamon or cured ham and piles of fresh fruit are all available in the cosmopolitan Central Market. Just ogle the food or grab a snack for the day ahead.

Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral isn’t just a hell of a sight from the outside. Inside, it is said to hold the legendary Holy Grail, used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Fancy a sip?

Water court

Valencia is pretty damn dry, so it’s got a dedicated water court to solve disputes over the wet stuff.

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