The research also found Scots enjoy a domestic holiday more than their UK neighbours, with Scottish nationals on average having visited 2.02 other countries within the UK. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the English, visiting an average 1.69 countries outside England.

Additionally, the study by discount travel website revealed that Brits are more familiar with foreign destinations than what lies in their own backyards. That 71 per cent of Londoners have been to Paris, compared to 69 per cent who have been to Wales, reveals domestic destinations are overlooked, the travel company says.

However, this is expected to change as the average spend for travellers reduces by four per cent on average, and holidaymakers are predicted to look closer to home when choosing on where to go for a break.

Fulvia Montresor, senior director at, says the impending bank holidays, Diamond Jubileee and Olympics present a great opportunity to celebrate Brtishness.

“UK is offering some great deals this year and not just in London where additional capacity has been added in anticipation of the

Olympics, so residents have little excuse to not visit some of the country’s most famous landmarks,” she says.

“With secret hotels rising in popularity, Brits can now save up to 50 per cent off the lowest published room rates across the country making any trip to the UK’s world-famous sites quite affordable.”

When Brits do travel in the UK, the hottest destination is Tower of London, followed by the British Museum and St Paul’s

Cathedral, with 64, 56 and 49 per cent of Brits respectively having paid a visit to the London landmarks.

The Houses of Parliament (48 per cent) Stonehenge (46 per cent) and Edinburgh Castle (42 per cent), followed.