The studio apartments, or mYPads as they are called, will be available for rental at £75 a week or to buy outright for £20,000, and are intended to alleviate some of the problems with a shortage of housing in the capital. Each mYPad will have air-conditioning, a flatscreen TV and an en-suite bathroom, too.

A proposal was put forward earlier this year by the Forest Young Man’s Christian Association (YMCA) to use containers as small homes in London and they have just been granted planning permission for two sites in Waltham Forest, north east London, The Daily Mail reports.

‘We developed mYPads as a direct response to the mounting financial issues faced by our vulnerable young residents when they try to make the transition from supported housing to independent living,” said a Forest YMCA spokesman of the plans.

The new mini-homes will allow young people to live independently but at a cost that will also allow them to save for a deposit as well.

The containers themselves come from China and will then be transformed once they make it to British shores.

Image via Thinkstock