Dimitrious Gargasoulas (26) has been charged with five counts of murder after he allegedly deliberately drove a car into pedestrians in Melbourne. The accused had previously been arrested, however was bailed by a ‘bail justice’ against the police’s wishes. This has consequently led to the State of Victoria changing their ‘out of hours’ policy to include a new Night Court for magistrates to decide on bail issues.

VIC premier Daniel Andrews said “We need to have a really close look at each and every element of our bail system, and we need to make profound change for the future to keep Victoria safe,” he also said the entire bail system would be under review by former Supreme Court judge Paul Coghlan.

The suspect is yet to be interviewed by police while he recovers from injuries sustained as police tried to bring his attack to an end.

Three of the victims have been named as Thalia Hakin (10), Matthew Si (33), and Jess Mudie (22), a 3-month old baby boy and a 25 year old man also died.