Louise Tarr 19, from England Why did you come to Oz? To get a different experience in a different country.

What’s your job? I work behind the bar at the Woolshed in Cairns.

And how did you land it? I randomly went into a hostel and a guy said: “Wanna be a bus driver?” I said: “Erm no! But I’ll take a bar job if its going?” He made a few calls and I got the job.

How’s the pay? Not bad. It goes up after a few hours as I have to work nights.

What’s best about your job? Watching people get more drunk as the night goes on.

And what’s not so great? I sometimes get in so late, like 6am, so I end up sleeping through most of the day.

What did you do home? I worked in a cafe.

Have you had many other jobs over here? Nope. Not for this long anyway. I did a job for a day – I had to unwrap DVD cases ALL day. It was very boring!

What are the people like? I get to meet loads of cool people! I love it.

Is it tricky sometimes dealing with drunk people? Yeah, because you just can’t understand them.

Any tips? Go in with a smile and you’ll get the job!